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Featured Projects - Window Film

Prestige Creative Marketing also runs the local cable station, PCM Channel 2. The studio where they do their recordings had big front window space. It was nice to be able to use the downtown area as a backdrop for some of their news recordings, but they also didn't like that pedestrians could see in at everything that was going on and, if they felt like it, do things in the background of their recordings that could be distracting or even ruin a session. They also didn't have much advertising space out in front at all... most of it was glass which they wanted to see out of and the rest was brick where they weren't allowed to drill into for other types of signage. Our Adhesive One-Way Vision Window Film solved all their problems for them. They installed multiple panels to the front of their window for a large advertisement graphic. Now they get the advertisement space they needed and privacy for their recording sessions, but they didn't have to give up their beautiful outside backdrop either. Apparently, because it also acts a bit like window tinting, it can at times also help with the glare they would get on film from the sunlight of a brilliant day. Window Film does it all!

"We were looking for a long time to see how we could help the front of our school sell our programs from the outside - - and stay within the city sign regulations. Now when you drive up to our school, the pictures of students on our windows having a great time making music just hits you in the face, and really shows potential customers exactly what we do! There are several restaurants in our shopping center, and the pictures generate many walk-in customers who may not have previously thought about music lessons."

~ Chris Duncan, Steve South - Music Conservatory of Texas


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